Integrative Focusing Therapy training

trauma & embodiment

We offer courses to train therapists in Focusing-oriented therapy. Each of the 4 courses can be taken on its own. If you take all 4, in any order you wish, you can be certified as a Focusing-oriented therapist (FOT) by the International Focusing Institute. 

All courses are grounded in the practice of Focusing, an embodied experiential process that flows naturally. Each of our courses combines Focusing with a complementary approach, so that trainees who take all 4 courses have a well-rounded view of how to use Focusing in therapy.

The IFT training program was created by Jan Winhall, Leslie Ellis, and Serge Prengel as the result of many discussions about Focusing, therapy, and teaching. While each of our approaches is grounded in Focusing, we each have other perspectives or areas of emphasis that color how we use Focusing in therapy.

Jan’s course is about her pioneering work with trauma and addiction that combines felt-sensing and the Polyvagal Theory.

Leslie’s course reflects her in-depth expertise in dreamwork and combining Jungian and Focusing approaches.

Serge’s two courses are based on his work with trauma-informed somatic psychotherapy and with the process of mindful change.

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