Who we are: Serge Prengel

integrative focusing therapy

International Focusing-Oriented Therapy conference, 2017. Photo: Katarzyna Fiorita

Serge Prengel, LMHC, is in private practice in New York City. He has been exploring creative approaches to mindfulness in therapy and in everyday life: how to live with an embodied sense of meaning and purpose.

He is a graduate of France’s Sorbonne University and HEC School. He is certified in Focusing, Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing, and also draws from Systems-Centered theory.

Serge is the editor of the Active Pause podcast and of the Focusing Conversations series.

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the proactive twelve steps

Serge is the author of The Proactive Twelve Steps: A Mindful Program for Lasting Change.

Marjorie Schuman, PhD, the author of Inquiring Deeply: Mindfulness-Informed Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, describes the book as follows:
The Proactive Twelve Steps is a user-friendly guide to the application of mindfulness in everyday life.”

Sarah Peyton, the author of Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing, says:
“This book invites both self-compassion and a deep dive into conversation with the self around the experiences of addiction, recovery, relapse, and healing, opening the door to including current understanding of the impact of stress and trauma on all of us as we struggle with being human.”

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