Seeking FOTs to help with the development of a new, simplified Experiencing Scale.

The following is a point of view written by Leslie Ellis. 

Needed: Recorded focusing sessions of about 20 minutes, ideally with transcripts

Dear fellow focusing therapists and professionals,

I am part of a team that has been meeting for more than a year to develop a simplified version of the Experiencing Scale both for research and clinical practice. Team members include Akira Ikemi and Maki Miyake (Japan), Rob Parker (US), João Carlos Messias (Brazil), and Leslie Ellis (Canada).

We have developed and refined a four-part scale and now want to test it by having independent raters assess ten focusing sessions of roughly 20 minutes in length. I am asking the FOT community to contribute sessions to rate. These can be sessions with your focusing partner, or you could use a client session with their permission.

We are looking for a range of sessions to rate, not necessarily the very best examples. All material will be anonymous (no names or identifying information). The material may be used as an example in a manual we plan create to teach the use of the new scale.

Format: Please send a recording (MP3) of about 20 minutes. If you can also provide a transcript, that would be a great help, but we can also transcribe the session if necessary.

Please send to me at

Many thanks for contributing to this important focusing research.

Written by Leslie Ellis