The Integrative Focusing Therapy training program

trauma & embodiment

The IFT training program is a two-year online training program leading to certification as a Focusing-oriented therapist (FOT).

It gives you a solid understanding and practical knowledge of Focusing-oriented therapy and stimulates you to organically develop your own style.

The program consists of four modules:
– You train in three different ways to practice Focusing-oriented therapy (FOT).
– You integrate personal and professional growth in a stimulating process group.

This program offers a lot of flexibility:
– You do not have to commit to the whole training program upfront. You can commit to one course at a time.
– Each of the 4 courses is offered two (or more) times so you can customize your training schedule.

The IFT training program was created by Jan Winhall, Leslie Ellis, and Serge Prengel as the result of many deep discussions on Focusing, therapy, and teaching.

We have enough similarities that an integrative dialogue is possible, and enough differences that the dialogue is stimulating. It has been very gratifying to see this carried forward in our training program.

While each of our approaches is grounded in Focusing, we each have other perspectives or areas of emphasis that color how we use Focusing in therapy.

Jan has created a pioneering approach to working with trauma and addiction that combines felt-sensing and the Polyvagal Theory.

Leslie has in-depth expertise in dreamwork and combining Jungian and Focusing approaches.

Serge’s work focuses on how relationality manifests in embodied patterns and how to work with them, mindfully and creatively.

This site tells you about:

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